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      Salute to the excellent and follow the models 2021 annual and Q4 Outstanding Employees recognition C

      2022-04-06 Classify:Company Cource:Maidian Color Printing

      To further motivate the staff and promote the working models, to show MDCP excellent employees and fulfill our enterprise culture, and to form a good environment in which everyone strives to be better, and at the same time in order to commend and encourage staff who did an outstanding work and made great contributions, MDCP held a big Outstanding Employees recognition Conference on Feb.25, 2021.



      Looking back to 2021, all the staff made great contributions to MDCP’s healthy development with one mind and joint efforts. These achievements contains everyone’s efforts and wisdom, and the hard work of each department.

      People who works hard gets the first. We can see many advanced individuals and groups booming out in our company. They are pioneers of forging ahead, models of sticking to their own positions, and examples of making contributions. Though they are on different positions and bears different responsibilities, they express their passion to work with their action. 

      Excellent examples


      Excellent Employee in 2021

      They are willing to stay on the front line, to do repeated and painstaking work. They pursue intensive producing and perfect qualities. They made excellent contributions on their ordinary positions and became examples and models for every one to follow.

      01 Guo Cunhua, Die-cutting department 

      Comments:Guo is Strict with himself. He does well in his own work according to the requirements of the workshop and the company, and assists the leader to manage paper mounting workshop and laminating workshop well. Meanwhile, he constantly and actively makes self-breakthrough.


      02 Wang Xiaohuan, Gift packaging department

      Comments: Wang has good personal accomplishment, conscientious on her own work. Regardless of personal gains and losses, he can create better benefits for the company, and set a good example for other employees.


      03 Hu Liuyong, Pasting department

      Comments: Promoted from an apprentice to a captain of the pasting machine, Hu makes good attendance. He has great learning abilities, and can cooperate well and follow regulations.


      04 Liu Qi, Packaging department

      Comments: Liu follows the arrangements and assignments of his leaders. He can do self-summaries and learn modestly. Promoted from a worker to a group leader, he is the example for everyone to follow.


      05  Liu Xuemian, Packaging department.

      Comments: Liu takes serious responsibility for her work and follows the workshop regulation and administration. It’s very nice and modest of her to help new workers with their work. And she does a good job in maintaining the packaging department stable. 


      06  Lee Yan, Bingding department

      Comments: Lee always does well in his own work and is willing to take painstaking work and responsibilities. He is excellent in professional skills and has a strong sense of career and responsibility.


      07 Pan Jiazheng, Printing department

      Comments: Pan is excellent in professional skills and responsible for his own work. He is strict with himself and has high working efficiency. And he is also a good example for everyone to follow.



      Excellent employees in Q4,2021

      They show their processional spirit of fear of nothing, being optimistic, persevering, and driven to the mission. They are like a flag, initiating each one to make more contributions to MDCP development. The Award becomes the motivation, and models become goals. It’s trusted that in the future, this expectation will definitely be passed on by these excellent employees’ spirits.


           After the awarding ceremony, Yao, the vice GM made a summary address. She congratulated those prize winners again and put forward her new expectation for us: She stressed that our company is growing rapidly and stronger, and all of these are because of everyone's efforts and cooperation. In the last year, all the departments of the company strive to forge ahead, work hard, make selfless dedications and positive progress for the strategic goals of the company. At the same time, we call on all the staff to learn from the examples and learn their spirit of taking the factory as home and taking the enterprise as the center, and to learn their conscientious, excellence and meticulous spirit in work. We hope that all the staff adhere to take the enterprise benefit as the center, to achieve the vision of the company and realize dreams of enterprise development, and create a beautiful and powerful MDCP!

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