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      MDCP New Year's Eve dinner warms our heart! Firmly Step forward in 2022.

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      New Year's Eve dinner is the end of this year and the beginning of the next year,

       the landing to the shore,

       the desire to reunion, and the homesickness.

      With all kinds of delicious Chinese food

      a New Year's Eve dinner wakes up a memory about home.

      Suzhou MDCP Co., LTD rewards the employees with a big dinner who have worked hard for a whole year.

      A New Year's Eve dinner means a promising new year!


      In order to strengthen the communication among employees and express the company's care and greetings to our employees, and make them have a happy Spring Festival, our company held the New Year's Eve dinner for the workers who remain at their positions on Jan.1, 2022.

      Deputy GM Yao made a simple summary of Year 2022. We defended the our brand image with our actual behavior and carried forward our enterprise culture with our own practice. At the same time, Yao wished all MDCP staff and families and friends in their hometown a happy New Year, good health and happy forever!


      Reunion moment


                                                                                              We sang and raffled and played games at the party and really enjoyed our time.


      With the firecrackers set off outside, the Year of Tiger has come. With the stars shining and magpies chirping at the branches, thousands of joy has also come. Here I wish you all a better career and great fortune. And thank you all, my colleagues! Only because of you can we make todays MDCP so wonderful, and even better in the future. You did a great job! Let us stand shoulder to shoulder, break through ourselves and make a boom in 2022!

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